nicolaserrèra composer
nicolaserrèra composer

LE MENSONGE (Tv series) selected at the FESTIVAL de la FICTION (PARIS )- music Nicolas Errera



The TV series “LE MENSONGE” is selected at the FESTIVAL de la FICTION, PARIS,  September 2020

Nicolas Errèra



"Adoring" soundtrack released - music by NICOLAS ERRERA



Milan Records has released a soundtrack album for the Chinese comedy drama Adoring (Chong ai).

The album features the film’s original music composed by Nicolas Errèra

"When he comes back" (USA) music by Nicolas Errera. Released in 2020



“When he comes back” an american independant movie directed by Keith Chen , music by Nicolas Errera will be released 2020.

"Adoring" a film by Larry Yang , music Nicolas ERRERA - #1 in China Box Office !



Adoring a film by Larry Yang Music Nicolas ERRERA , led the Chinese mainland box office


Hidden Man by Jiang Wen music by Nicolas Errera selected at TIFF 2018





Nicolas Errera "The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack )


“The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) music by Nicolas Errera is now released platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, etc…)





HIDDEN MAN directed by Jiang Wen, music by Nicolas Errera- July 13 in China



Hidden Man directed by Jiang Wen original music by Nicolas Errera will be released 2018 July 13rd in China

WAR ON BEASTS ( Tv Series) Selected at "Festival Series Mania" music by Nicolas Errera



“War on Beasts” (“Aux Animaux la Guerre”) a tv series directed by Alain Tasma music by Nicolas Errera strarring Roschdy Zem, Olivia Bonamy, Rod Paradot is selected at the Festival “Series Mania” (april 27th to May 5th 2018)

The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir - music Nicolas Errera


the-extraordinary-journey-of-the-fakir The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir directed by Ken Scott , music by Nicolas Errera will be released summer 2018

45th International Emmy Awards - Winner !



The French Tv movie “Ne m’abandonne pas”/”Dont leave me” directed by Xavier Durringer , music by Nicolas Errèra has won an international Emmy for Best TV movie !!

Nicolas Errèra won a Jerry Goldsmith Award !



Nicolas Errèra won a Jerry Goldsmith Award for Mountain Cry‘ s music.


Mountain Cry at "Festival du film de Cabourg" (France)



Mountain Cry directed by Larry Yang,  music by Nicolas Errera is selected at Festival du film de Cabourg, section: Par amour de la musique / For the love of music

Nicolas Errèra "The Confession" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “La Confession” music by Nicolas Errèra is now released on iTunes, Amazon,Spotify.

Amazon Us

iTunes Us

iTunes France

"The Confession" is selected at COLCOA 2017 (Los Angeles)



The Confession” a film directed by Nicolas Boukhrief scored by Nicolas Errèra is selected at COLCOA French Film Festival 2017 (Los Angeles)


Nicolas Errèra "Mountain Cry" (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)




Nicolas Errera – Mountain Cry (original motion picture soundtrack) is now released

Amazon (US):

iTunes (US)

iTunes (France)

"Good Canary" directed by John Malkovich




Award-winning actor and director John Malkovich makes his London theatre directing debut in the UK Premiere of Zach Helm’s gripping play “Good Canary”. Music by Nicolas Errèra

The cd is released :


Heaven will wait / Le ciel attendra




Director Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar parallels the stories of two teenage girls — one a would-be jihadist, the other a model student who strikes up an online relationship with a young Muslim man — in this penetrating study about how terrorism takes root in contemporary European youth. 2 music themes composed by Nicolas Errèra are used in the movie.

Mountain Cry released in China



Mountain Cry directed by  Larry Yang scored by Nicolas Errèra hits Chinese Theaters August, 28th, 2016

The Confession : Recording Sessions



July 2016. Recording Sessions for the movie “The confession” directed by Nicolas Boukhrief , scored by Nicolas Errèra.  (Studios Ferber, Paris.)

Ucmf Award 2016 (France) - Best Music Award for Nicolas Errèra !


PRIX UCMF-pour le site

April.11.2016 : Nicolas Errèra won the best music award (Ucmf award 2016) for the movie “Ne m’abandonne pas ” / “Don’t leave me”

Chicago International Film Festival (april 2016)



“The Chicago International Film Festival presents the Chicago premiere of GKIDS “NOCTURNA”animated feature directed by Adrià García and Víctor Maldonado scored by Nicolas Errera as the Opening Night film of their CineYouthFestival.

Visually stunning and wildly inventive, this film explores the mystery of the night in a sweeping nocturnal adventure full of Alice in Wonderland-like characters and moody, dream-inspired landscapes. Have you ever wondered why your hair looks funny in the morning or where the sounds outside your window come from at night? A young boy named Tim finds out after an unusual discovery on the rooftop of his orphanage plunges him into the secret world of Nocturna, inhabited by curious creatures who control the night.


Original Soundtrack - Au nom de ma fille



The original soundtrack “Au nom de ma fille” scored by Nicolas Errèra is released:
La musique originale du film “Au nom de ma fille” composée par Nicolas Errèra est disponible:
itunes : au nom de ma fille .
amazon: au nom de ma fille.
amazon usa: au nom de ma fille

40th Hong Kong International Film Festival (2016)


Mountain Cry (2016)  a chinese film directed by Larry Yang, music by Nicolas Errera is selected at the 40th Hong-Kong International Film Festival.


A pained cry pierces the heart of a rustic mountain town in Larry Yang’s remarkable second feature Mountain Cry. When La Hong (Yu Ailei) dies in an accident involving an explosive badger trap, naïve Han Chong (Wang Ziyi) obeys village decree and takes the responsibility of caring for La Hong’s mute widow Hong Xia (Lang Yueting) and their children. But as they start to form an emotional bond, suspicions arise concerning La Hong’s death. A melodrama condemning intolerance, it is also a love story of remarkable credibility and emotional depth.


Au nom de ma fille / Bamberski: The Kalinka Case


A film directed by Vincent Garenq with Daniel Auteuil, Sebastian Koch, Marie-Josée Croze,  scored by Nicolas Errèra


Based on a true story, KALINKA is about the struggle of Andre Bamberski to bring justice to his daughter Kalinka who died in disturbing circumstances. After 27 years of investigation to hunt down his presumed murderer, Bamberski will finally get the killer kidnapped and brought to justice.

Un jour de juillet 1982, André Bamberski apprend la mort de sa fille Kalinka. Elle avait 14 ans et passait ses vacances en Allemagne auprès de sa mère et de son beau-père le docteur Krombach. Rapidement, les circonstances de sa mort paraissent suspectes. L’attitude de Dieter Krombach ainsi qu’une autopsie troublante laissent beaucoup de questions sans réponse. Très vite convaincu de la culpabilité de Krombach, André Bamberski se lance dans un combat pour le confondre. Un combat de 27 ans qui deviendra l’unique obsession de sa vie…


Recording session


Au nom de ma fille

Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuels (FIPA, France, 2016)



“Don’t leave me” /  “Ne m’abandonne pas” Directed by Xavier Durringer, with Sami Bouajila, Lina Elarab scored by Nicolas Errera is selected at Festival International des Programmes Audiovisuels (FIPA 2016)

17-year old Chama, who has just been accepted at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, is her parents’ pride and joy. Then, one night, a man comes to their home to inform them that Chama has married his son, a radical Islam convert, online, and that she plans to join him in Syria. The family’s whole world crumbles; nothing will ever be the same again. Thereafter ensues a long fight against Islamic extremism: how far will they have to go to save their daughter from indoctrination?

The film was released February 3, 2016 on France 2 (french tv) and seen by 5.17 millions viewers (best audience – prime time)

Chama, 17 ans, qui vient d’être admise à Sciences Po, est la fierté de ses parents. Mais, un soir, un homme se présente chez eux pour leur annoncer qu’elle s’est mariée sur Internet avec son fils converti à l’islam radical et qu’elle compte le rejoindre en Syrie. Pour cette famille, le monde s’écroule. Plus rien ne sera comme avant. Commence alors un long combat contre l’extrémisme : jusqu’où devront-ils aller pour sortir leur fille de l’endoctrinement ?

le film a été diffusé le 3 février 2016 sur france2 et a été vu par 5,17 millions de spectateurs (meilleure audience de la soirée)

Göteborg International Film Festival (Sweden-2016)



Mountain Cry directed by Larry Yang scored by Nicolas Errèra is selected at the international film festival of Göteborg which is the  the largest film event in Scandinavia

Busan International Film Festival - 2015 (Korea)



Mountain Cry directed by Larry Yang scored by Nicolas Errèra is the closing film of the 20th Busan international Film Festival


Nicolas Errèra, Busan 2015




by JB Mondino music by Nicolas Errera

Nicolas Errera- Best Music Award !! - Changchun International Film Festival (China- 2014)


Changchun Film Festival

12th Changchun International China Film Festival: Best Music Award for Nicolas Errèra (The White Storm). The Changchun China Film Festival is a biennial international movie competition held in the Chinese city of Changchun.

Rome International Film Festival (2014)



Rome, 2014: Ching Wan Lau, Benny Chan (director), Nicolas Errera (composer), Daniel Lam (producer) Louis Koo, Nick Cheung

Rome Film Fest: Closing Film “The White Storm” directed by Benny Chan scored by Nicolas Errèra

San Sebastian International Film Festival 2014



The John Malkovich Paradox directed Pierre-Francois Limbosch scored by Nicolas Errera selected in San Sebastian Film Festival.

Hong Kong Film Festival (2014)


opening film white storm

The White Storm directed by Benny Chan , scored by Nicolas Errera is the opening film of The Hong Kong International Film Festival

HIDDEN MAN by Jiang Wen AT THE TIFF 2018 music by Nicolas Errera



Hidden Man directed by Jiang Wen, music by Nicolas Errera is selected at TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2018.