nicolaserrèra composer
nicolaserrèra composer

A Tv série (6x 52′)written by Nicolas Mathieu and Alain Tasma. Script, adaptation and dialogues from Nicolas Mathieu and Alain Tasma. From the eponymous novel from Nicolas Mathieu © ACTES SUD, 2014

Music by Nicolas ERRERA

After a factory closure in Vosges lays off hundreds of workers, Rita, a work inspector and queen of lost causes tries to save a few employees. One night on her way home, she stumbles upon a young hooker who has escaped from Martel and Bruce, two desperate men who were trying to sell her to local bigshots. “War on Beast” is the story of Rita fighting to save the biggest lost cause of her life, and to bring the men to justice.

  • Director
    Alain Tasma
  • Strarring
    Roschdy Zem, Olivia Bonamy, with the participation of Tchéky Karyo,
  • Script
    Nicolas Mathieu and Alain Tasma.