nicolaserrèra composer
nicolaserrèra composer

“On paper Grand Popo Football Club (the first part of the name is a coastal village in Benin) seems the ideal team, the sort that every coach worth his salt dreams of having: an impenetrable defence and immaculate technique lay a platform on which tricky and incisive attackers can show off their skills. The first album contains natural Jobi Joba extracts that, as the name suggests, thrill the eyes (thanks to the superb cover art) and the ears. A blast of electro-pock (a contraction of pop and rock) in which the tight harmonic and rhythmic structures sculpted by the former student of the National Conservatory in Paris – Errèra – are embroidered with the musical obsessions of the versatile Swiss DJ and soundsmith, Ariel Wizman: ranging from Arab and Andalusian music to disco, movie soundtracks, old school hip hop and house. The tracks invoke dominant icons, who can be both respected and reviled through testimonies that cavort through the album like devils just sprung from their box. Influences are held up, like Giorgio Moroder, who is sampled on “Each Finger Has an Attitude”, or shot down, as in “One More Song on the Market”. Traces of Camarón are mischievously slipped in here and there, while Grand Popo pay tribute to Jacno in “La Poésie, c’est fini”before performing a duo with Sparks.”

source: Les Inrockuptibles

  • Composers
    Nicolas Errèra and Ariel Wizman