nicolaserrèra composer
nicolaserrèra composer

An obstinate old man Julian’s only interest after he loses his family, is collecting butterflies. One day, he has to bring home an eight year-old girl, Elsa, who waits for her mother in a restaurant. Living with her mother, Elsa is always alone until her mother, an assistant nurse, comes back home from work. These lonely pair go on a journey in search of a rare butterfly called ‘Isabel’, the one Julian’s dead son always wanted, and begin to understand each other. After the death of his son, Julian never let anything enter his heart until Elsa does. He finally opens himself to others while Elsa learns new things about life in her journey with Julian. The friendship between a 70 year-old man and an 8 year-old girl shows us how a true relationship surpasses age. Audiences will always remember the beautiful scene when Julian tells Elsa a story before a cozy, warm fire.

  • Director
    Philippe Muyl
  • Stars
    Michel Serrault, Claire Bouanich
note IMDB
Jeonju International Film Festival (Korea)- JIFF Audience Award 2005