nicolaserrèra composer
nicolaserrèra composer

07And through his film, he allows us to witness the entire process; step by step, the show is magically constructed right in front of us, and freedom of expression, exploration, errors and triumphs seem to direct the play themselves. The John Malkovich Paradox, which takes his title from the mystique and ambiguity that very few artists encompass – one of them being undoubtedly the fiercely enigmatic John Malkovich, is a delicate and loving documentary, visibly fond of this strange, wonderful figure.

A documentary that follows a legend of cinema in his role of stage director. John Malkovich, who rose to fame for his role in Dangerous Liaisons, now ventures into directing a play in Paris. After recruiting nine young actors, this adaptation of the movie that put him in the spotlights proves a challenging and enriching experience for both Malkovich and his actors.

  • Director
    Pierre-François Limbosch
  • Stars
    John Malkovich
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