nicolaserrèra composer
nicolaserrèra composer

« Nicolas Errera worked from a silent movie of the twenties. The Street /La Rue, a black and white film by the german director Karl Grüne,(1926) which  also inspired Martin Scorsese for « After Hours. », tells the story of a quiet and happily married bourgeois,who looks out the window, and catches sight of a prostitute walking up and down the pavement.

While the film is being screened, Nicola Errera, seated behind his machines, plays live his own partition. Specialized in both electronic and symphonic music, this artist has written many film scores. Of strict classical formation, he found in electronics an ultra contemporary register, which meets with his inclination for modernity without having to deny his former education.

On the contrary, his great talent is to unite musical worlds. He proposes a kind of vast and total epic in which eye and ear meet together. Stunning encounter between the new and the old, with a music both epic and intimate, that seeks to capture and then hand back the director’s intention, thus making up for the absence of words, and creating an unexpected emotion. » press sample from Telerama