nicolaserrèra composer
nicolaserrèra composer

The 2nd album of GRAND POPO FOOTBALL CLUB, electronic music group founded with Ariel Wizman.

A number of sabbatical years explains the long and miraculous gap between Grand Popo Football Club’s two albums. Years of fallow during which Nicolas Errera and Ariel Wizman were snowned under : going over instructions manuels, bowling with eggs, frantic parlour games, Hollywood weddings, debating with hairdressers, refreshing laughs, and needless to say, daily long telephone chats on various subjects, boosting their friendship. After having refound the road to the studio, the joint excitement of giving birth to new melodies remained intact. Ariel Wizman having raised his skills and magic over decks, and Nicolas Errera confirmed his liking for precise compostion inherited from the Gods of classics and film music, it became obvious that those two had never parted. The result is a record which like any good music, does not gain by being classified. Enough to know, that they suffered no limits, and that as in opus one, the monotony that so easily escapes from electronic music programmes was avoided.They tell of this growing self- love which prevents many people from having real pleasure (« My Territory ») , this lovely frailty of post-adolescence which is so hard to abandon (« Style »), of those stabbing shadows fighting each other in the depth of our Psyche, of girls, of those people who pretend to be bored, and finally are bored (« Fake to Fake Party »)

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    Nicolas Errèra and Ariel Wizman